Online Fax Service - Know Precisely What You're Buying

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Like outsourcing any company task to a third celebration, you must do your research or it might cost your company in time and money. You must thoroughly have a look at any online fax service you plan on utilizing and make sure it is a quality service with excellent support. Here are some factors to consider to make sure you get the ideal fax service for your needs.

Compare The Rates, Rates and Plans

You must first thoroughly compare the various fax companies and their strategies. This consists of the month-to-month fee or charge and the number of faxes (incoming and outgoing) you can send/receive each month. You should also check how many users or email addresses are allotted to each account. You should also check the excess fees which are charged if you review your limitation for the month, this charge can vary from 3 to 10 cents so it pays to shop around.

Methods of Faxing

Each online fax company may have specific ways to use their services, many can be used with your email program such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Office or even a desktop application which lets you send out and get your faxes on your computer desktop. A lot of, if not all, of these fax service providers will give you an online account or interface where you can go to inspect and send your faxes. Keep in mind, your faxes can likewise be kept in your account however each supplier has different storage limitations and guidelines, so examine these prior to you buy your fax service.

Business Plans & Scalability

Most of these suppliers will provide business plans which can be custom-made fitted to suit your company's faxing requirements, especially if you do large volumes of faxing. You can probably likewise get discount rates so check this out prior to you buy. In addition, check the scalability of the faxing strategy, can you easily include or deduct telephone number should you need to?

Support Hours & Quality of Service

Another crucial element you should examine are the support hours and the quality of this support. Are your questions addressed rapidly? Are your issues resolved quickly? These are really important elements you need to inspect prior to you purchase.

Set-up & Free Thirty Days Trials

You must have a look at what does it cost? it is to set-up your fax number and service. Most suppliers don't charge you a set-up cost and normally you have a choice of a local or toll-free fax number. However long times these providers will charge extra for a toll-free number so examine this first. The good news is, most of the well-known online fax services will offer a Free 1 Month Trial period where you can take a look at the quality of their service before you buy.